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Repetitive Mistake Syndrome: Doc Searls and David Weinberger :

When it comes to the Net, a lot of us suffer from Repetitive Mistake
Syndrome. This is especially true for magazine and newspaper publishing,
broadcasting, cable television, the record industry, the movie industry, and
the telephone industry, to name just six.

Thanks to the enormous influence of those industries in Washington,
Repetitive Mistake Syndrome also afflicts lawmakers, regulators and even the
courts. Last year Internet radio, a promising new industry that threatened
to give listeners choices far exceeding anything on the increasingly
variety-less (and technologically  stone-age) AM and FM bands, was shot in
its cradle. Guns, ammo and the occasional "Yee-Haw!" were provided by the
recording industry and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which embodies
all the fears felt by Hollywood's alpha dinosaurs when they lobbied the Act
through Congress in 1998.

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