rocks and stones

Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Fri Nov 21 01:34:30 UTC 2003

"Crushed stone" for a driveway is probably crushed limestone, aka "white
rock," has the irregular broken shape most of this thread has described as
"rock" and tends to compact with rrain and pressure.  "Gravel", OTOH is
generally rounded small stones that don't pack well unless oiled/tarred.  In
the one college summer I was in that business, white rock (which I think
came to central Illinois from Indiana) was much more expensive than gravel
which we produced locally from a "gravel pit" (which did not include a "rock
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From: "Beverly Flanigan" <flanigan at OHIOU.EDU>

I've learned to use "crushed stone" if I'm talking about gravel for a
driveway; the haulers here in SE Ohio don't seem to use "gravel" in that
context.  Is there a connotative difference?

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