"Plough with the favorite heifer", 1749

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Tue Jun 6 22:55:03 UTC 2006

My source says simply "Countess".  Often in the times exactly as many
(en?) dashes were used as were letters omitted; my secondary source
uses only one dash for each omission.


At 6/6/2006 01:50 PM, you wrote:
> > "We are informed that a certain Foreign . . . who makes a
> > very splendid Figure amongst us, has already lern'd to pursue
> > the old English Maxim of ploughing with the favorite Heifer,
> > which he thoroughly understands in the metaphorical Sense;
> > and that a certain Naturaliz'd C-n-ss, in Conformity to this
> > Maxim, was lately entertain'd by him with great Splendour and
> > Expense."
> >
> >
>And what is "C-n-ss"?  Surely not coonass?
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