roller derby naming conventions

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Mon May 18 22:05:33 UTC 2009

Makes a change from Braves, Indians, Chiefs and Mudcats.

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>*I have no idea how they come up with these names, but I am very entertained
>by them.

>Bout Video on Web: DyDD Homewreckers v Mollys*

>Dockyard Derby Dames S3B2 Hellbound Homewreckers vs Marauding Mollys

>Last year the Homewreckers finished last in the league behind the Mollys.
>Both teams have something to prove in this bout. The Homewreckers have
>spiffy new uniforms and both teams have a lot of new talent. Let's see what
>both teams have learned in the off season.

>This bout will be produced as Episode 8 of RDRD.

>The other bout of the evening, Femme Fiana v Trampires will be up later in
>the week.

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