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Paula Poundstone in the Dallas paper (BEHIND THE LAUGHS - Comic Paula
Poundstone is her own favorite target _The Dallas Morning News_ -
Saturday, June 25, 1988 Author: Ken Perkins: p. 5C):
"She was one of those angry moms that use to get mad at absolutely
everything. I remember the time I knocked a Flintstone glass off the
kitchen table, and she said, "Dammit, that's why we can't have nice
things .""

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>         How old is this meme?  The earliest I see is from the Hartford
> Courant, 2/10/1999, quoting Colin Quinn on Saturday Night Live the
> previous week:  "American warplanes attacked newly installed Iraqi
> anti-ship missile launchers along the Persian Gulf. An enraged Saddam
> Hussein scolded his troops saying, 'You see, this is why we can't have
> nice things!'"
>         Anything earlier?
> John Baker
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