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At 7/3/2011 03:44 PM, victor steinbok wrote:
>First, another reversal:
>"I don't know where the two goals are going to come from, let alone one."
>Second, a comment from the same British commentator as above noting that a
>team started "on the front foot". This is the opposite of being "on the back
>foot", but actually the same as keeping an opponent "on the back foot".
>We've had a brief discussion of this earlier.
>I am somewhat hesitant to deal with this particular source because I am not
>particularly impressed with the general quality of his commentary, which
>makes me suspect some afternoon imbibing (purely a speculation on my part).
>Still, the expressions are there.
>Another interesting bit from the same source is that he pronounces the "s"
>in the middle of Brazilian names as "sh". In particular, I noticed this for
>"Costa" and "Ester"--two names where I would have never expected it. It's a
>bit less clear with "Cristiane" (in fact, clearly absent in the last mention
>I just heard) and absent between vowels (Rosana). But he does the same thing
>with Norwegian names (Giske, Stensland). I know the tournament is being
>played in Germany, but does this pronunciation make any sense?
>PS: This is the man:

Gee, aren't the two consistent?  A speaker who has spent some
afternoon time imbibing pronouncing "s" as "sh"?  How did he sound
for the early afternoon (German time) broadcast?  (Brazil-Norway was
early evening, German time.)


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