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> OED Online:
> striped, _adj._
> Pronunciation:  /straIpt/
> This monosyllabic pronunciation is the only one sanctioned by the OED
> Online, apparently, and this is also the only pronunciation found in
> the 2nd ed.
> Absolutely *amazing*!
> I've used the dissyllabic pronunciation, [straIpId] all of my life,
> with no idea that it was, at best, according to Websters's New World
> and to Merriam-Webster, only an alternative pronunciation and one
> peculiar to only a few regional U.S. dialects, at that.

MW3 shows both, without remark. Both seem natural to me; I think I
probably use both myself. I'll take a look in DARE as soon as I get that
fifth volume.

-- Doug Wilson

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