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A couple of months ago, I met a Mazatec on Skype, the people of María 
Sabina. I was not familiar with her name, a disappointment to my Skype 

Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velada_%28Mazatec_ritual%29) 
refers to a "velada" as "healing vigils carried out by Mazatec 
_curanderos_ (such as María Sabina)."

Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/velada) has it as a Spanish 
word meaning "soirée" or "night meeting," which pretty much matches the 
Oxford Dictionary site 

1. 1887, "Face to Face with the Mexicans: The Domestic Life, 
Educational, Social, and Business Ways, ..." by Fanny Chambers Gooch 
Iglehart (http://bit.ly/1B3FrU2)

An entertainment, probably not excelled intellectually and socially by 
any given in a private house during the winter, was the Velada Literaria 
(Musical and Literary Reunion), given by General Palacio on the first 
night of the New Year, and

2. 1892, "Through the Land of the Aztecs: Or, Life and Travel in 
Mexico," by A Gringo (http://bit.ly/1vltHZr)

No italics (see also 6 below as this may be a typographical issue)

I was once invited to attend a velada over the dead body of an infant--a 
ceremony very much resembling an Irish wake.

3. 1914, "Insurgent Mexico," by John Reed (http://bit.ly/1xJufyg)

That night there was a _velada_ in the Theater of the Heroes, an immense 
auditorium packed with emotional peons and their women. The ring of 
boxes was brilliant with officers in their full dress, and wedged behind 
them up the five high balconies were the ragged poor. Now, the _velada_ 
is an entirely Mexican institution. First there comes a speech, then a 
"recitation" on the piano, then a speech, followed by a patriotic song 
rendered by a chorus of awkward little Indian girls from the public 
school with squeaky voices, another speech, and a soprano solo from 
"Trovatore" by the wife of some government official, still another 
speech, and so on for at least five hours.

4. 1974 (date not confirmed), "Botanical Museum Leaflets," Harvard 
University, Volume 23 (http://bit.ly/13Xv89U)

In the course of editing the text of a midnight mushroom _velada_ 
('vigil') sung by Mariía Sabina, the Mazatec _curandera_ or shaman, I 
have had occasion to concentrate...

5. 1978, "Teonanácatl: Hallucinogenic Mushrooms of North America...," by 
Jonathan Ott, Jeremy Bigwood (http://bit.ly/1xeMGey, http://bit.ly/1wiG1ZN)

Drug use without a word such as "mushroom" preceding it.

The Johnsons' _velada_ took place in Huautla. Although they observed the 
use of the mushrooms, they did not partake of them.

6. 1984, "María Sabina: Her Life and Chants," by Álvaro Estrada 

Use without italics.

In 1958 we taped a complete velada, a dramatic one, of María Sabina, and 
a team of us worked on the tapes until 1974, when we finally brought out 
our _María Sabina and her Mazatec Mushroom Velada_."

7. 26 October 1999: "Shroom Velada," by [name unknown] 

a velada is just wonderful if u visit mexico in shroom season take a 
look in oaxaca ull probably want tu be there...

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