White Supremacist Fliers Found on Fort Carson

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Thu Jun 19 00:01:19 UTC 2014

Well, now, this is interesting. The military.com article, which a couple
hours ago said "on Fort Carson," and cited the Army Times (which uses "at
Fort Carson" and not "on Fort Carson") as its source, now says "at Fort
Carson." Apparently someone at military.com noticed they were using the
wrong preposition and corrected it to "at." Can check it out here
http://www.militarytimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2014306100083. And as
to whether or not "base" is Army: go to http://www.hamilton.army.mil/ (the
website for Fort Hamilton) and you will find, for starters: "Are you and
your family considering your options for living on base or out in town?
Base housing provides many benefits for Service Members, from camaraderie
with fellow military families to convenience and amenities not typically
found in civilian housing." Looks like Army uses "base" after all.

Poster:       Dave Wilton <dave at WILTON.NET>
Subject:      Re: White Supremacist Fliers Found on Fort Carson

It doesn't sound unusual to me. "On the fort" or "at the fort" would sound
odd to my ears, but not "on Fort Carson" or "at Fort Carson."

What would be unusual would be for an Army publication like "Stars and
Stripes" (which is where the military.com article is from) to say "on the
base." The Navy and Air Force have bases; the Army has posts. And indeed,
the article does use the phrase "on the post." (It's kind of an Army
shibboleth. You can tell that anyone who refers to an Army post as a "base"
isn't an Army person.)

David A. Daniel
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Subject: Re: White Supremacist Fliers Found on Fort Carson

I didn't think it surprising that a white supremacist group would try to
recruit soldiers. I do find it surprising that no one mentioned the "on Fort
Carson" usage. Even the Army Times, which is cited by the military.com
article, says "at Fort Carson" in its article on the subject. I recognize
"on the base," or "on base," but "on the fort"?

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Subject:      Re: White Supremacist Fliers Found on Fort Carson

Are there people begging for propaganda??


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> <<White Supremacist Fliers Found on Fort Carson>> Nest of Neo-Nazi
> fly-boys uncovered at a Colorado Army post?!? (Sure grabbed my
> attention.) <
> >
> Nah. Jist some propaganda hand-outs.

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