[Ads-l] Medical insurance Kentuckianisms?

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 6 22:09:57 UTC 2014

Cf. insurer vs. insuror:
<insuror: A term adopted and used by some agents to enhance their public
image as persons who represent insurers in effecting contracts of insurance
between insurers and insureds. As such, insuror may be considered a
misnomer when confused with insurer, which is recognized in statutory law
as the party to an insurance contract which undertakes to indemnify for
losses incurred by, or to provide services to, the other party to the
insurance contract (the insured). Thus, an insurer is a risk-bearing party
in an insurance contract, while an insuror is not. Two state associations
of insurance agents, Tennessee and Colorado, use insuror in their title.>

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