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Website: BBC News Magazine bbc.com
Title: Kellie Maloney shows how times have changed
Author: Tom de Castella
Date: 12 August 2014

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There are many things that trans people still hate about media
coverage. "Dead naming" - referring to someone by their old name - is
painful for many trans people, Fae says. "It's almost like a small
electric shock if I see my old name in print." '
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Website: Urbandictionary.com
Title: deadname
Author: Canola Yogurt
Date: September 16, 2014

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n. The birth name of somebody who has changed their name. Most
commonly attributed to trans people, but can be attributed to any
person who has changed their name. (sometimes written as two words:
dead name)

v. 1. To call somebody by their deadname.
v. 2. To out somebody's deadname to the public.

Don't call her by her deadname. She hasn't gone by that name in years.
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Blog: urbanarchives.wordpress.com
Title: Wikipedia's Deadnaming Violence
Author: Amy Dobrowolsky
Dae: August 31, 2013

[Begin excerpt]
The same nonsense used to rationalize misgendering and deadnaming
before is being trotted out again, this time in a hugely high profile
case. Unfair as it has been to all the previous (and future) victims
of misgendering and deadnaming violence, Manning's case does provide a
lot of highly-visible material to serve as examples for criticism of
how, by and large, cis people fail trans people in the simplest of
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Tweet name: Cisnormativity
Tweet handle: ?@cisnormativity
Timestamp: 2:04 PM
Datestamp: 7 Jan 2013

[Begin excerpt]
Deadnaming! MT @auntysarah: Oldnaming us is just one way media bullies
trans people, implies our gender isn't "real", keeps us in our place.
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