[Ads-l] 1868 Disraeli-attributed quotation: "...My ancestors were lords of the tabernacle...his were naked savages...."

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The Disraeli-attributed passage may be a paraphrase of portions of his 1847 novel, Tancred, or, The New Crusade, such as [m:

"...when you arrive at Jerusalem, you will naturally go to the convent of Terra Santa. You will make there the acquaintance of the Spanish prior, Alonzo Lara. He calls me cousin; he is a Nuevo of the fourteenth century. Very orthodox; but the love of the old land and the old language have come out in him, as they will, though his blood is no longer clear, but has been modified by many Gothic intermarriages, which was never our case. We are pure Sephardim. Lara thoroughly comprehends Palestine and all that pertains to it. He has been there a quarter of a century, and might have been Archbishop of Seville. You see, he is master of the old as well as the new learning; this is very important; they often explain each other. Your bishops here know nothing about these things. How can they? A few centuries back they were tattooed savages. This is the advantage which Rome has over you, and which you never can understand. That Church was founded by a Hebrew, and the magnetic influence lingers. But you will go to the fountain head. Theology requires an apprenticeship of some thousand years at least; to say nothing of clime and race."

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Below is a citation from 1857 that compared the ancestors of the
Chinese and English. The ancestral English were referred to as "naked
savages". This phrase also appeared in some of the Disraeli attributed
quotations, e.g., 1868.

[ref] 1857 Seventh Month (July) 25, Friends' Intelligencer, Volume 14,
Number 19, Character of the Chinese People, Quote Page 303, Published
by William W. Moore, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Google Books Full
View) link [/ref]


[Begin excerpt]
The Chinese understood the mariner's compass, gunpowder, the
manufacture of glass, printing on blocks, manufacturing paper, when
the ancestors of Englishmen were naked savages.
[End excerpt]


On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 1:10 PM, Jesse Sheidlower <...> wrote:
> I wasn't going to mention this earlier because it's the opposite of what we've been talking about (here Jews = exploited class), but since it's semi-famous and we're branching out:
> Hesh, the Jewish studio mogul, to Massive Genius, an African-American rap impresario seeing reparations for the treatment of exploited musicians:
> "You're talking to the wrong white man, my friend. My people were the white man's nigger when yours were still painting their faces and chasing zebras."
> --The Sopranos, "A Hit is a Hit" (Season 1, episode 10), 1999
> On Sat, Jan 07, 2017 at 11:48:12AM -0600, GEOFFREY NUNBERG wrote:
>> I heard an Italian version of this one several years ago, reported as if witnessed by the speaker himself. A bunch of Lega Nord (Northern separatist party) members were in Rome for a convention of some sort and were carousing in a taverna, making fun of the locals. One of the Romans finally stood up and said, “Senti, quando i vostri antenati si vestivano in pelle d’orso, i miei furono giá froci.” = “When your ancestors were wearing bear skins, mine were already faggots.”
>> Geoff
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>> > Great citation, Stephen. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for posting
>> > on a different thread the 1860 citation with quotes attributed
>> > Frederic of Prussia, Marshal McMahon, and Napoleon in a book authored
>> > by James Parton.
>> > Garson
>> >
>> > On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 9:55 AM, Stephen Goranson <...> wrote:
>> >> Mr. D'Israeli never forgets--never allows others to forget--that he is of that race whence all our prophets came and Jesus Christ himself was born....
>> >>
>> >> On one occasion, when taunted with being a descendant perhaps of the thief on the cross, he replied, in proud and soul-stirring words, "My blood thrills with the traditions of my race! My ancestors were lords of the tabernacle and princes of Israel when his were naked savages in the woods of Northern Germany."
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> March, 1868, The Phrenological Journal and Life Illustrated, p. 86 col. 1
>> >>
>> >> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__babel.hathitrust.org_cgi_pt-3Fid-3Dcoo.31924057441390-3Bview-3D1up-3Bseq-3D92&d=CwIFaQ&c=imBPVzF25OnBgGmVOlcsiEgHoG1i6YHLR0Sj_gZ4adc&r=uUVa-8oDL2EzfbuMuowoUadHHcJ7pjul6iFkS5Pd--8&m=wzLgYiy8TU3PzoOBibs8UcTxKAXSQVKuK1RehqXsb5A&s=OWUMxHtpDKuyvGp-j-F2a7rmb4lGa1hv_VgSR_xJhmM&e=
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