[Ads-l] Up the wazoo/kazoo

Peter Reitan pjreitan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon May 1 16:22:39 EDT 2017

In 2003 there was some discussion here about the use of "up the wazoo/kazoo" as a reference to anus, in a thread started by Sam Clements, I believe.


In looking at kazoo and bazooka, and seeing "bazoo", "kazoo", "gazoo", and "razoo" all used to refer to an instruments that make loud or uncomfortable noises, and in the context of metaphorically blowing hot air (blow one's bazoo), it made me wonder whether it is "bazoo" might be the ultimate source of all of the later euphemisms that rhyme with "bazoo".

And if so, could "razoo" have had some influence on "razz", which is generally believed to be from Rasberry Tart?

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