[Ads-l] Capitalizing in the middle of a trade name

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 13 10:32:00 EDT 2018

This practice has been pretty common for years (so common, I can't think of
an example), but I was shocked (anglice, mildly surprised) to find this ex.
from 1955. (I've been familiar with the product almost as long, but never
thought the one-word name was capitalized in the middle).

1955 _Newsweek_ [Google Books]: The tanks have also checked out countless
ideas for seaplanes, notably the Martin SeaMaster, the 600-mile-an-hour
multijet bomber which the Navy has just partially revealed as a
revolutionary contender to land-based jets.

Like the spelling ,the SeaMaster was one of the most futuristic-looking
items of the '50s.


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