Proto-Oceanic for 'again' or 'also'?

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Interesting in Yapese the particle 'ku' (which could be cognate with your ghua/ghoi?) means something like that.

ku ba yaay - ba 'indefinite article' yaay 'time, instance' - e.g. Ku mu riin' ba yaay (mu 2nd sg subject, riin' 'do' - "Do it again"

ku reeb - 'another one' - reeb 'one-thing'

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Dear Claudia,

There are all sorts of terms for 'again' in Western Oceanic, but the one that it reflected frequently is POc *mule, a verb meaning 'return, repeat'. I assume it was used in serial verb constructions in POc and has been grammaticised in various daughter-languages.

I can't help you with SE Solomonic: 'again' doesn't appear in Tryon and Hackman, and I haven't collected SE Solomonic data myself. Maybe someone else on the list has.

All the best,

- Malcolm

On 23/03/2011, at 9:07 PM, C Wegener wrote:

Dear all,

I've been trying to find out if there is any reconstruction for Proto-Oceanic (or maybe Proto-Southeast-Solomonic) for a form meaning 'again' or 'also', but so far haven't been successful.

The reason why I am interested in this is that there are two lexemes with this meaning found in Gela and Bughotu (both Southeast Solomonic, spoken in the central Solomon Islands), ghua (following a verb or a noun/NP) and ghoi (positioned between a subject/TAM marker at the beginning of a verb complex and a verb). Is any evidence for either of these to be 'proper' Oceanic?

I'd be grateful for any information or references!

Thanks in advance,
Claudia Wegener

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