Proto-Oceanic for 'again' or 'also'?

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Claudia, It’s possible Gela ghoi is cognate with Proto Polynesian *koi ‘still, while’ – also pre-verbal – but if so, meaning unclear. My best bet would be *voki, which is reconstructable at Proto Eastern Oceanic and no doubt earlier meaning ‘return’, and has become a post-verbal for ‘again’ in a number of Eastern Fijian and Polynesian languages. Paul Geraghty


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Dear all, 

I've been trying to find out if there is any reconstruction for Proto-Oceanic (or maybe Proto-Southeast-Solomonic) for a form meaning 'again' or 'also', but so far haven't been successful. 
The reason why I am interested in this is that there are two lexemes with this meaning found in Gela and Bughotu (both Southeast Solomonic, spoken in the central Solomon Islands), ghua (following a verb or a noun/NP) and ghoi (positioned between a subject/TAM marker at the beginning of a verb complex and a verb). Is any evidence for either of these to be 'proper' Oceanic?

I'd be grateful for any information or references!

Thanks in advance,
Claudia Wegener



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