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Waruno Mahdi mahdi at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Sun Jul 19 09:01:52 UTC 2015

Thanks, Adrian. I was citing from memory, and mine isn't so good.
Strictly speaking, of course, if a final glottal was noted down
by researchers eliciting wordlists, something similar could have
happened at acquisition of a foreign (Malay) word. But that's

In general, numerous dialects with final glottalisation suggest
that this may also have been so in some dialects spoken by crew
members of Malay ships sailing north. Important is, I think,
that some Malayisms in the Philippines do have final glottal,
others do not, and that this does not mean per se that the ones
are indeed Malayisms, and the others not.


On 2015-07-18 16:00, Adrian Clynes wrote:
> A belated comment re Brunei Malay. Waruno writes that
> "postglottalisation of originally final vowels (typically -a) [...] 
> is
> a feature of Banjarese and Brunei Malay." This is often said of 
> Brunei
> Malay, but it is in fact a purely phrase-final, and optional, 
> phonetic
> feature. It might be heard eg. in eliciting wordlists, hence an
> erroneous conclusion that it is a lexical feature. Lexically,
> historical final a remains just that in Brunei Malay.
> Adrian Clynes
> .....<SNIP>

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