Having difficulty using KWAL command to search for strings which involve periods

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Mon Apr 17 22:26:58 EDT 2017


I'm trying to analyse our corpus of Welsh linguistic data which has been 
coded using CHAT. The corpus has multiple secondary tiers, and one of them 
is called %aut ('autoglossed tier') , which details word-by-word 
morphological glossing for each item in the main tier.

I want to use the KWAL command in CLAN to find certain items in the %aut 
tier, namely (at the moment) to find pronouns. The aim is to then extract 
the data from the relevant main tier, so that I have collated all tokens of 
that pronoun from a given set of data. These pronouns have been glossed in 
%aut in the format e.g. your.ADJ.POSS.2S for a 2nd person singular pronoun. 
My assumption was that a command such as the following would find all items 
matching the search string in the %aut tier in (e.g.) the file called 

kwal +t%aut +syour.ADJ.POSS.2S davies1ag.cha

However, this gives no results - even though I know there are instances of 
this token in that transcript. If you search for just +syour , for example, 
it finds those results (but cannot disambiguate between 2nd singular and 
plural forms, among other issues). I assume the problem is presence of the 
periods/full stops in the %aut tier. 

I have tried using "" around the search string, I have tried to replace the 
stops with * and _ and ^_^, and I have also tried using COMBO instead of 
KWAL, but nothing helps. It says no items found. 

I assume that there is an obvious answer that my very limited knowledge of 
coding is keeping from me, but if anyone can assist I would be hugely 

I can supply more details as required.

Many thanks,

Peredur Webb-Davies

PS For info, here is a weblink to an example of a transcript, to show how 
it has been glossed etc.: http://bangortalk.org.uk/chats/siarad/davies2.cha 

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