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Fri Jan 21 20:38:59 UTC 2000

First of all I'd like to wish a happy Millenium to everybody!

My name is Valentyna Ushchyna, I'm from Ukraine, but presently I'm a
visiting scholar in the University of Mississippi in the USA. I am a
JFDP(Junior Faculty Development Program) fellow, and I got a scholarship
from American Councils.

And this is great, for I'm working on my research in CDA, specifically, I'm
analysing Dominance in American Political Discourse, and being in the USA
enables me to be in the midst of all those events which interest me greatly.
Besides, I can get incomparably more information than back in the
"post-Soviet" information hunger.

I'd like to express my heartiest gratitude to the people who helped me
greatly in my work. They are: Keith Walters, Celso Alvarez Caccamo,
Alessandro Duranti, Teun Van Dijk.

Unfortunately, neither at my home University, nor here, in the University of
Mississippi, there are people who work in CDA, so, I'd appreciate every kind
of help or advice from those who deal with Political Discourse and Political

With the best regards,
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