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Reading and Writing Public Documents
Edited by Daniel Janssen and Rob Neutelings
University of Utrecht/Technical University of Delft
Governments communicate with the public through all kinds of documents:forms,brochures,letters,policy papers,and so
on.These public documents have an important role in any democracy and their design very much affects the efficiency with
which governments can perform their tasks.
Document designers, linguists and other communication experts in the Netherlands have been studying public documents from a design point of view as well as empirically for decades.In this book, the most prominent of these researchers present the results of their work,collectively giving an overview of various recurring problems in government-to-public communication, and providing suggestions for problem solving.
Daniël Janssen &Rob Neutelings: Introduction;Carel Jansen &Michael Steehouder: How Research Can Lead to Better Government Forms;Jan Renkema:
Undercover Research into Text Quality:The Case of the Tax Department;Menno de Jong & Peter Jan Schellens: Optimizing Public Information Brochures:
Formative Evaluation in Document Design Processes;Jacqueline Hulst &Leo Lentz: Public Documents in a Multilingual Context;Daniël Janssen: Improving
The Quality of Public Documents.Or:Why Training Public Writers Often Doesn ’t Work;Frank Jansen:Lack of Clarity in a Sentence:The Style of Public
Documents;Hans Hoeken:Convincing Citizens:The Role of Argument Quality;Daniël Janssen &Niels van der Mast: Collaborative Writing for The
Government;Niels van der Mast & Daniël Janssen: Strategic Revision of Public Documents:How Policy Writers Revise Documents in Order to Reach
Consensus;Rob Neutelings &Henk Pander Maat: Trust But Verify:Local Suspensions of the Cooperation Principle in Policy Documents;Rob Neutelings:
Reading to Assess in Professional Life:Reading Styles of Legislators.
Document Design Companion Series,1
2001.Pb vi,305 pp.90 272 3201 6 NLG 100.00 1 58811 009 5 USD 42.95


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