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I'd like to point out that some interesting findings in research on the production of a discourse of resistance are the combinations (by individuals, not necessarily a group considered as an aggregate) of ideological elements of resistance with ideological elements of conformity to and appropriation of dominant values. Some combinations can even be incongruent or incompatible in the analyst's view. Another point is that individual variation tends to be interesting and yield useful insights.
Here are a couple more references on those aspects:
Carranza, Isolda E. 1999 Winning the battle in private discourse: rhetorical-logical operations in storytelling. Discourse & Society 10 (4), 509-541. 
Carranza, Isolda E. 1998. Low-Narrativity Narratives and Argumentation. Narrative Inquiry 8 (2), 287-317.
I'd love to read list-member's comments on their experience doing research on resistance discourse in institutions.
Isolda E. Carranza, Ph.D.
Profesora Titular de Lingüística II.  Facultad de Lenguas.
Investigadora de CONICET
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Argentina

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