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The relevant part of a message I received from Aroha Mead (Aotearoa/New

Luisa Maffi

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>Subject: RE: UNESCO/ICSU and biocultural diversity
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>Greetings, Aroha,
>>Kia ora,
>>There were a number of us who worked very hard to inclue appropriate
>>language on the indigenous knowledge and intellectual property issues in the
>>UNESCO Declaration and on the Framework for Action.  It was a process that
>>began a considerable time before the Budapest Conference took place and
>>involved continued input into the drafting of the original documents. This
>>effort was followed up through the effective lobbying at the Budapest
>>Conference itself and through the direct participation of INDIGENOUS
>>representatives ourselves in the final drafting committee of the UNESCO
>>Conference. We also convened a workshop on the ethics of accessing
>>traditional knowledge and this workship provided the final text which made
>>its way into the Declaration on Science.
>thank you very much for this information. There's nothing like email for
>piecing puzzles together quickly! I had not read any reports on what went
>into preparing the coference and the ensuing documents, so didn't know
>there was indigenous input--which, needless to say, I'm now delighted to
>learn about! To do justice to this, I'll forward the first part of your
>message to the lists to which I sent the previous one. Again, many thanks
>for your input!

>>Hope you are well Luisa, cheers, Aroha


All the best,

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