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		Thank you, Franz Dotter.

		I am a simple student working on a Ph. D., for my thesis I am
		doing an
		ethno-linguistic description of a the Varangi of Tanzania. I
		don't have the
		time to go into the questions of missionaries, CIA, etc. I
		enjoy this list
		because it is a simple way of enjoying debates on a subject
		which interests
		me. It also interests me to watch the reactions. I am in no
		position to
		judge anyone, and I hope I never am. But at lot of that seems
		to be done
		here. Why? Isn't it a lot easier to just get on with one's
		work? Helping
		out when possible, asking for help when needed...

		Matthew McDaniel, as far as I can gather, is being confronted
		daily with a
		very harsh reality. My reality is very soft in
		comparaison. But that
		doens't make me feel guilty. I am convinced enough (today!) of
		my own
		usefulness not to be bothered by his accusations that we're
		all a bunch of
		worthless toadies. I also believe he is being useful. It
		appears to me that
		sometimes he needs to let off some steam, and who wouldn't
		under the
		circumstances? As co-members of the list we ought to be glad
		he can do it
		here instead of having to fire off machine guns in nursery


		Margot Dunham.

		At 08:54 30/09/99 +0200, you wrote:
		>Having looked from a distance to the debate, the mail of Joan
		motivates me

		>Franz Dotter

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