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CALL FOR PAPERS                                    PLEASE POST
~~~~~~~~~~ DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 20 DECEMBER 1996 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            The Department of Germanic Languages of
           The University of California, Los Angeles
                     is pleased to announce
                     GERMANIC LINGUISTICS:
      The Conference of the Society for Germanic Philology
                      APRIL 25 - 27, 1997
          Guest speakers:
                              Wolfgang Dressler, the Univ. of Vienna
                              Heinz Giegerich, the Univ. of Edinburgh
                              Jan-Wouter Zwart, the Univ. of Groningen
Abstracts are hereby invited for thirty-minute papers in all areas of
linguistics dealing with any Germanic language, past and present, and
especially those in:
             sign based approaches
             cognitive approaches
             approaches dealing with generative grammar
             a new philology
             indo-european linguistics.
All abstracts will be evaluated anonymously, by a panel of reviewers.  This
submission procedure may be supplemented, but not replaced, by electronic
mail submission.  Please send:
        Five hard copies of a one-page abstract (font size no smaller than
10), double-spaced; on
8.5x11 inch or A4 paper.  On the abstract include the title of the proposed
paper but *do not* include the author's name.
        A three-by-five inch index card with the following information:  the
title of the paper; author(s) name(s), title(s), academic affiliation(s),
and preferred form of address; contact address(es) postal service and
electronic mail, if available; telephone and fax numbers.
            **********  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 20 DECEMBER 1996  ************
Organizers:  C.M. Stevens (310) 206-4948 and R.S. Kirsner (310) 206-4111,
                    Germanic Languages, UCLA
SEND MATERIALS TO:    GLAC3 Conference Committee
                Department of Germanic Languages
                     2326 Murphy Hall, UCLA
                   Los Angeles, CA 90095-1539
                 E-MAIL:  GLAC3 at HUMNET.UCLA.EDU
glac3 at
Electronic mailbox for the 3rd annual Germanic Linguistic in America Conference

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