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ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update

We are happy to announce that 3 new Speech resources are now available 
in our catalogue.

*ELRA-S0366 LECTRA (LECture TRAnscriptions in European Portuguese)*
This corpus is composed of the audio and the manual transcriptions from 
seven 1-semester University courses in Portuguese. The corpus contains a 
total of 28 hours of audio speech that were manually transcribed by 
several trained annotators. The corpus is comprised of technical 
University lectures.
For more information, see: 

*ELRA-S0367 CORAL Corpus*
The CORAL Corpus is a collection of spoken dialogues in European 
Portuguese. It consists of 56 dialogues about a predetermined subject: 
maps. One of the participants (giver) has a map with some landmarks and 
a route drawn between them; the other (follower) has also landmarks, but 
no route and consequently must reconstruct it. Only orthographic 
transcription was done for the whole corpus. A pilot recording was 
annotated in several levels.
For more information, see: 

*ELRA-S0370 MoveOn Speech and Noise Corpus*
The MoveOn Speech and Noise Corpus is a corpus recorded under the 
extreme conditions of the motorcycle environment within the MoveOn 
project. The speech utterances are in British English approaching the 
issue of command and control and template driven dialog systems with a 
focus on -- but not limited to - the police domain. The major part of 
the corpus comprises noisy speech and  environmental noise recorded on a 
motorcycle. Several clean speech recording sessions with the same 
recording setup (including the motorcycle helmet) in an office 
environment complete the corpus.
For more information, see: 

For more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli 
mailto:mapelli at elda.org

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