[Lexicog] non-phonetic pronunciation or simple (re)spelled pronunciation

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Thanks very much.

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Tom Zurinskas (http://truespel.com/) has heavily promoted his idea to teach all American children to pronounce words the same way, using his modified spelling system that he calls "truespel."

He has made it clear that he sometimes refers to the online Webster's dictionary for pronunciations.

The link includes his books and an online lookup.

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On Dec 20, 2011, at 12:34 PM, ppetowusa wrote:

>Are there any print dictionaries on the college level that use a non-phonetic, non-IPA, pronunciation guide, sometimes called "respelled pronunciation."  I have the Collins Webster's Dictionary (paper, 2003, 2007), but it is not college-level.
>I know that there are some "radio" or TV broadcasters' pronunciation guides, and Iowa Public Radio has a guide online, but these emphasize people and places and music and are not comprehensive.  I also understand that Cambridge (UK) and Oxford have published pronunciation guides although the format may be IPA--but I am interested in American English.
>Thank you.
>Pat Petow

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