LINGUIST List Special Issue: Fund Drive

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LINGUIST List Special Issue: Fund Drive 

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The LINGUIST List is funded by Eastern Michigan University, 
and donations from subscribers and publishers.

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 08:13:20
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Can We Get to $49,000 Today?

Dear Subscribers,

We are at $47K and would like to start the new week closer to the 
final goal! Can you put up a challenge to our subscribers? Can
we challenge you to try to raise $2,000 today?

We would need to 20 people out of our over 25,000 to donate $100.
Or 40 people to donate $50. That is only 0.16% of our subscribers 
to donate $50!

0.16% of our subscribers!

Can we get YOU to donate today? If you do, you will help us get
closer to the final goal.

Donate now!


-------------------------Message 2 ----------------------------------
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 08:53:28
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Help Us Train Linguistics Students

Dear Subscribers,

My name is Benjamin Cool and I have been working for The 
LINGUIST List for three years. I am a computer programmer 
with interests in Artificial Intelligence and web user 
interfaces pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at Eastern 
Michigan University. Because I am not a linguist, working on 
the projects undertaken by The LINGUIST List has helped me better 
understand what tools and standards are important to linguists. 
I have grown quite fond of programming for the linguistic 
community and am contemplating pursuing academic work in 
linguistics after my program in Computer Science comes to 
a close this year. 
In addition to working on projects like LL-Map and MultiTree, 
I maintain the LINGUIST Jobs entry forms, the search facilities, 
and fix bugs found on our site. I am also involved in training 
the graduate assistants and student workers in web programming 
techniques and standards. The training the linguistics students 
receive from me and other LINGUIST programmers better prepares 
them for their work in linguistics while allowing them to keep 
the web services running for subscribers like you. Please donate 
to help keep these services available:

Thank you for your support!


Benjamin Cool 
LINGUIST Programmer 

-------------------------Message 3 ----------------------------------
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 10:43:20
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: If You Ever Found a Job from a LINGUIST Posting, Donate Now!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

The Jobs area is one of our most popular resources, and we need your help to keep
this service going. Please donate:

With over 4500 jobs posted since 1990, we are the premier source for academic and
professional positions in linguistics. Our Jobs area has evolved with the field of
linguistics; our job listings include a wide variety of positions that encompass
diverse areas of research. We make these job postings available for free in a number
of ways. Readers can access job announcements through our website
(, subscribe to our
listserv or RSS ( or follow us on Twitter

To better serve job seekers, we have developed a browesable web interface that
allows you to view the most recent posted jobs and to sort this listing by employer
name, location, rank/title of the position, or by application deadline. This allows
users to quickly access and view the information they are looking for. Simply click
on the column header to sort by any of these fields. The job postings are also
listed by linguistic subfield to help potential applicants better organize and
narrow their search. 

Many of you have may have used our service to post or find a job, and many more of
you will use this service in the coming year. Please donate to our Fund Drive to
help us continue posting these jobs!

Thank you for your support, 

Matthew Lahrman
Jobs Editor

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