[Lingtyp] Syncretism between forms encoding source and agent

John Mansfield jbmansfield at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 18:32:23 EDT 2018

Hi Ponrawee,

Murrinhpatha (non-Pama-Nyungan, northern Australia) offers a neat example
of source / agent syncretism:

Darwin-kathu   wurrini-dha
Darwin-FROM  go.3SG.PST-PST
"He went from Darwin."

mem-birl                                kardu     nhini-kathu
do.3SG.NFUT-look.around    person  ANAPH-AGENT
"That person looks around."

The agentive marker is not obligatory. It is often used when one
participant is identified as the actor, in contrast to some other potential

Mansfield, John. *Murrinhpatha morphology and phonology.* Berlin: Mouton,
2019. Chapter 7.
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