6.1733, TOC: Mon-Khmer Studies: A Journal of Southeast Asian Langs

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-------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
     Baur, Christian, suriya Ralanakul, Suwilai Premarirat, Tom Tehan,
     LANGUAGES, Vol XXIV; ISBN: 1-55671-012-7; 176 pp.; $25.00. Summer
     Institute of Lilnguistics.
Presrirat Suwilai    Phonetic variation of final trill and final palatals
                     in Khmer dialects of Thailand
John D. Miller and Carolyn P. Miller
                     Notes on phonology and orthography in several Katuic
                     Mon-Khmer groups in north east Thailand
Wilawan Supriya      Reanalysis of serial verb constructions proper
Pisitanporn Naraset  The Khmer rice cycle
Poo-isarakij Orawan  Comparison of Khmer tae and Thai te:
     Internet: academic.books at sil.org
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