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Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 14:59:29 -0500
From:  Chun Gab Kim <cgkim at chollian.net>
Subject:  EFL in university, South Korea

Date:  Sun, 12 Jan 1997 11:22:39 +0000
From:  Dr James M Scobbie <j.scobbie at sls.qmced.ac.uk>
Subject:  2 senior support posts, Speech and Language Sciences

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:57:07 +0000
From:  "Ute Smit" <ute.smit at univie.ac.at>
Subject:  Senior Professor of English Linguistics

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 14:59:29 -0500
From:  Chun Gab Kim <cgkim at chollian.net>
Subject:  EFL in university, South Korea

Dear fellow linguists,

Topic: Teaching English in University, Korea

Posted by Department of English Language and Literature,
Seonam University on November 10, 1997.

Our Department will double its teaching commitment in 1998, and
therefore be appointing  a "Full-time Visiting Professor" that will
start teaching English Conversation and English Composition to the
university students in March, 1998. Seonam University is located in the
City of Namwon that is famous for one of the most comfortable cities in
Korea and that is seated in the heart of nature and the traditional
culture of Korea. Lots of urban people in Korea hope to live in such a
city as Namwon. If you are employed, you can enjoy all the preferable
features of Namwon.

Applicants must submit the following documents to Dr. Chun Gab Kim,
Department of English Language and Literature, Seonam University:

1.Resume with a recently-taken picture of the applicant on it
2.A legal document that may confirm or show how long the applicant has
lived in his
   or her country
3.Self-introduction letter including teaching career and methods or
4.One copy of MA and BA degrees (preferably in the related field,
5.A copy of other certificates of the applicant's experience in the
related fields of
   English teaching or learning, respectively

Notice: All the documents issued outside Korea must be confirmed by
the Korean embassy or council in that area.


   1.Position: Full-time Visiting Professor of English
      Native Speaker of the English language
      MA or BA degree in the fields of English teaching and learning (MA
      is preferable)
      Experience of Teaching English As a Second/Foreign Language is
   3.Contract: One year, renewable
   4.Salary: US$20,000 per year
   5.Working hours: 8 office hours a day and 15 classes (about 15 hours)
   per week,
      5 days work days per week
   6.Holidays: Five weeks paid holiday
   7.Housing: Free single furnished housing (except for utilities,
   electricity, phone bills,
   8.Health Insurance: Health Insurance is provided, payment shared
   according the relevant laws (maybe, 50/50)
   9.Tax: In accordance with whatever agreement is in existence between
   Korea and the FVP's home country
  10.Overtime: Extra teaching hours (at a rate of W7,000 per hour during
   the day and W8,000 per hour during the night) available
  11.Unauthorized payment and professional or commercial activities
   outside the University are not allowed, and will constitute a breach of
  12.Extra-Curricular activities : There are a number of English clubs
   on campus aims to encourage those activities through involvement by
   members of staff. Thus applicants are expected to show commitment to
   extra-curricular activities for the university students, and other methods
   of stimulating use of the English language outside of the classroom on

For more information, contact Professor Chun Gab Kim.

To apply, send all the documents mentioned above to the following
address as of
November 30, 1997:

Professor Chun Gab Kim

Department of English Language and Literature
Seonam University
720 Kwangchi, Namwon 590-711
Chonbuk, Republic of Korea

e-mail: cgkim at tiger.seonam.ac.kr
            cgkim at chollian.net
Information URL of EFL Job:

Office: Tel +82 0671-620-0135
Fax +82 0671-620-0013

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Sun, 12 Jan 1997 11:22:39 +0000
From:  Dr James M Scobbie <j.scobbie at sls.qmced.ac.uk>
Subject:  2 senior support posts, Speech and Language Sciences



Applications are invited for two senior support posts in the Department
of Speech and Language Sciences:


You will be responsible for the support and maintenance of all computing
and other technical equipment in the Speech
Research and Teaching Laboratories and in the new Scottish Centre for
Research into Speech Disability based within the
Department. You will have excellent IT skills and previous experience
with audio/visual recording or audio engineering.
Experience with the application of technology to speech research would
be an advantage.

You must have at least an HND in a computing or related area, although a
degree would be preferred.

The appointment will be offered for three years in the first instance.

Salary: #18,066 - #20,337


You will be responsible for software and database development
particularly in the area of speech analysis and for maintaining
the Department's Windows NT Network. Further development of the
Department's Web site and wide area network links
will be encouraged. You will have a high level of expertise in NT
Network management, Microsoft Access, Database
programming, C, Delphi or Visual Basic and Web authoring.

Interest in the application of technology to communication disorders
would be desirable.

You should have at least an Honours degree in computing or a related
area and further qualifications and/or experience of
speech computing would be an advantage.

The appointment will be offered on a fixed term of two years duration.

Salary: #20,754 - #23,895.

Further details and an application form can be obtained from Human
Resources, Queen Margaret College, Clerwood Terrace,
Edinburgh EH12 8TS (0131-317-3291 24 hours) quoting the appropriate
reference number or by e.mail
(m.watt at mail.qmced.ac.uk) Completed application forms should be returned
by Monday, 1 December 1997.
- --------------------
This advert appears on the department website at http://sls.qmced.ac.uk

-------------------------------- Message 3 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:57:07 +0000
From:  "Ute Smit" <ute.smit at univie.ac.at>
Subject:  Senior Professor of English Linguistics

Paris-Lodron University Salzburg:


The Faculty of Humanities of The University of Salzburg wishes to
appoint a Senior Professor of English Linguistics from October 1998,
following the retirement of Professor Franz Zaic.

Applicants should have a relevant Austrian venia docendi
('Habilitation') or an equivalent academic qualification in an
appropriate subject. They  should have a distinguished record of
pedagogic achievement, as well as the ability to manage a university
department. The successful candidate should show proof of ongoing
participation in international research.

Applicants will be expected to have (besides a working knowledge of
German) a broad knowledge of English linguistics. He/She should have
at least two areas of research in theoretical and/or applied
linguistics. The ability and willingness to promote interdisciplinary
cooperation as well as experience of academic management will be expected

The University is an equal opportunities employer and is particularly
eager to increase the number of women on its staff and thus expressly
invites qualified women scholars to apply.

Applications (with CV, list of lectures, seminars held, details of
academic research and publications - returned on request.) should
be sent to: Dekan der Geisteswissenschaftlichen FakultE4t der
UniversitE4t Salzburg, O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Leo Truchlar, MFChlbacherhofwe
6, A-5020 Salzburg. Closing date: 15 January 1998.

Travel and accommodation costs arising as a result of the interview
procedure may not be reimbursed.

For further details please consult our home page:
www.sbg.ac.at.ang/home.htm OR contact the head of the department
concerned: Der Vorstand, Institut fFCr Anglistik und Amerikanistik,
UniversitE4t Salzburg, Akademiestr. 24, A-5020 Austria, Tel.
+43-662-8044-4422, Fax +43-662-8044-613, e-mail:
holger.klein at sbg.ac.at

Institut fuer Anglistik, Universitaet Wien
Universitaetscampus AAKH
Spitalg. 2-4, Hof 8
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +431 42 77 424 32
Fax: +431 42 77 9 424
         E-mail: ute.smit at univie.ac.at

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