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Subject: 8.1629, Calls: Natural Lang, Second Lang, Child Lang

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Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 16:40:50 +0100
From:  Werner Winiwarter <winiwarter at acm.org>
Subject:  Natural Language & Information Systems

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 97 13:50:36 PST
From:  "susan dillon" <sdillon at cyberus.ca>
Subject:  Conference on Trends in Second Language Teaching and Learning

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 14:19:34 -0800 (PST)
From:  "P. Dale" <pdale at u.washington.edu>
Subject:  Child Language Congress--1999

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Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 16:40:50 +0100
From:  Werner Winiwarter <winiwarter at acm.org>
Subject:  Natural Language & Information Systems

Call for Papers

                         International Workshop on
                  Natural Language and Information Systems

                          in conjunction with the
  9th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems
                  to be held in Vienna, August 24-28, 1998

                          and co-located with the
                      15th IFIP World Computer Congress
      to be held in Vienna and Budapest, August 31 - September 4, 1998

     Workshop proceedings to be published by IEEE Computer Society Press


The past decades have witnessed a rapidly growing interest in natural
language technology such as natural language interfaces, text
retrieval and summarization, word sense disambiguation and document
categorization, information filtering and extraction, or machine
translation. For all these domains several useful systems have already
been developed and there exist realistic expectations of future
developments. Despite these successes we could witness the situation
that for many disciplines of computational linguistics the euphoric
mood of the first days gave place to a pessimistic period of
stagnation. The most famous example is certainly the field of early
machine translation, but also the interest in natural language
interfaces faded away after they could not fulfill the unrealistic
promises of the first hype.

The change of perspective had also the positive side-effect of
replacing phantasms of computers that excel in human communication by
a more realistic view. In recent years many researchers have done the
first steps in this direction by renouncing the creation of
"universal, ideal, general" unattainable systems in favor of the
development of useful tools and implementations for practical
applications. This paradigm shift away from investigating artificial,
small-scale problems to developing real-world end-user applications is
in particular essential to cope with the rising flood of
information. Each citizen of the coming information society will be
confronted with the "information overload" problem. Therefore,
powerful assistance for the effective administration of information
will be crucial.  Natural language engineering is here one of the key
technologies besides user modeling, hypermedia, database systems,
collaboration, or intelligent agents.

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers
from both natural language and information systems with the aim of
encouraging the exchange of ideas and experience between these two
communities. It will represent an international forum to give an
overview of the most recent trends in these two active research fields
and will provide a common starting-point to attack the urgent problems
of information processing.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

   * Natural language interfaces
   * Multimodal interfaces
   * Adaptive interfaces
   * Natural language engineering for information system design
   * Natural language engineering for information retrieval and
   * Spelling error correction
   * Terminology and ontologies
   * Collaborative issues
   * Multilingual issues
   * Machine translation
   * Word sense disambiguation
   * Document categorization
   * Information extraction
   * Text summarization
   * Natural language learning
   * Natural language generation
   * Evaluation of natural language systems


   * Submission deadline: 20 February 1998
   * Notification of acceptance: 30 April 1998
   * Camera-ready copies: 19 June 1998


Authors are invited to submit research contributions representing
original, previously unpublished work. Submitted papers will be
carefully evaluated based on originality, significance, technical
soundness, and clarity of exposition. All papers will be refereed by
at least two members of the program committee. Accepted papers will be
published by IEEE Computer Society Press as proceedings of the DEXA'98
workshops. All submitted papers MUST be formatted according to the
author guidelines provided by IEEE Computer Society Press and MUST NOT
be longer than FIVE pages. The author guidelines can be found at
http://www.ifs.univie.ac.at/~ww/format.html.  If you use LaTeX, at
http://www.ifs.univie.ac.at/~ww/nlis98.tex is an example document and
at http://www.ifs.univie.ac.at/~ww/nlis98.ps the corresponding output.

Electronic Submission

Please submit your paper electronically to our ftp site. Please
prepare your paper as plain ASCII PostScript only, with NO encoding,
condensing, or encapsulation. Please use TrueType 1 fonts wherever
possible. Do not use bitmapped fonts such as Computer Modern if you
can avoid it. Guidelines for generating and submitting PostScript
files are available at http://computer.org/author/psguide.htm.

File Name

Please save your file using your name, i.e. John Smith's file would be
smith.ps. If you are submitting two or more files, please number them:
smith1.ps, smith2.ps, etc.

Transferring to FTP Site

When transferring files to the FTP site, if you have a choice between
ASCII and binary modes, use binary. Although ASCII mode works well
most of the time, binary mode incurs fewer problems.

     Our FTP site:                   ftp.ifs.univie.ac.at
     Log on as:                      anonymous
     Place files in subdirectory:    incoming/nlis98


When you have put your file(s) in the FTP subdirectory, please send an
email to winiwarter at acm.org with the following information: Your name,
phone, fax, URL (your Web address, if you have one), your email
address, the title of your paper, and the filename(s) you used. (Do
NOT send a copy of your postscript file via email.)

Hard Copy Paper

If, for some reason, you cannot place an electronic copy of your paper
on our ftp site, ONLY THEN you may submit it as four hard copies to
the following address:

     Dr. Werner Winiwarter
     Institute of Applied Computer Science & Information Systems
     University of Vienna
     Liebiggasse 4/3
     A-1010 Wien

Please send also a electronic copy of your abstract, in ASCII format and
including the paper title, keywords, author names, addresses, and
affiliations, to winiwarter at acm.org.


   * Werner Winiwarter, University of Vienna, Austria
   * Yahiko Kambayashi, Kyoto University, Japan
   * Ingrid Zukerman, Monash University, Australia


   * Harvey Abramson, Aizu University, Japan
   * Masatoshi Arikawa, Hiroshima City University, Japan
   * Walter Daelemans, Tilburg University and University of Antwerp,
   * Robert Dale, Microsoft Research Institute and Macquarie University,
   * Igor Hawryszkiewycz, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
   * Christian Jaquemin, IUT de Nantes, France
   * Larry Kerschberg, George Mason University, USA
   * Ee-Peng Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
   * Akifumi Makinouchi, Kyushu University, Japan
   * Dieter Merkl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
   * Maria Orlowska, The University of Queensland, Australia
   * Mike P. Papazoglou, Tilburg University, Netherlands
   * David Powers, The Flinders University of South Australia, Australia
   * Erich Schweighofer, University of Vienna, Austria
   * Stefano Spaccapietra, Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne,
   * Makoto Takizawa, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
   * Kazumasa Yokota, Okayama Prefectural University, Japan

For any further questions or inquiries please contact:

     Dr. Werner Winiwarter
     Institute of Applied Computer Science & Information Systems
     University of Vienna
     Liebiggasse 4/3
     A-1010 Wien
     Email:  winiwarter at acm.org
     URL:    http://www.ifs.univie.ac.at/~ww/
     Phone:  +43-1-406-23-67
     Fax:    +43-1-406-01-97

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 97 13:50:36 PST
From:  "susan dillon" <sdillon at cyberus.ca>
Subject:  Conference on Trends in Second Language Teaching and Learning

Notification of Call for Papers.
Deadline : 30 November, 1997

Trends / Tendances98

International Congress on Trends in Second Language Teaching and Learning

20 - 23 May, 1998

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Website :  www.carleton.ca/slals/trends_tendances98/

This conference is hosted by :

The French Department and SLALS at Carleton University
Centre for Research on Language Teaching and Learning  (CREAL) University
of Ottawa
Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL)

This conference is designed for :

Second language teachers, teacher trainers and curriculum designers.
Researchers in second language acquisition, pedagogy and in applied
lingu istics and applied language studies.  Researchers in
applications of technical innovations in second language  teaching.

The organizing committee invites proposals for papers, workshops and coll
oquia in the following areas :

Current theories of second language acquisition.
Second language curriculum design.
Contributions of cognitive science to language learning.
New directions in language teacher training.
Language learners of the future.
The impact of technological developments in language classrooms.
New approaches in second language teaching and learning.
Trends / Tendances98

The Keynote Speakers are:

Diane Larsen-Freeman.
Rebecca Oxford.
Henri Besse.
Roy Lyster.
Larry Vandergrift.
Vivian Cook.
Michel Paradis.
Peter Liddell.

Requirements for submitting proposals:
Proposals must be submitted to the address below on disk or by e-mail*

Trends / Tendances / Chantal Dion
Department of French
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 5B6

Telephone: (613) 520-2600, ext. 7090
Fax: (613) 520-2149
e-mail: trends_tendances98 at carleton.ca

Deadline for the receipt of proposals :
30 November, 1997

*Please note: in the event of a postal strike in Canada,
we recommend that all communication be done via e-mail.

Papers focus on recent research results and the related theory.
Presentation time : 25 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

Workshops focus on practical applications of theory and research.  The
purpose of the workshops is to present teaching materials and pedagogical
 techniques for practitioners.  They should allow for participation of
the audience.
Presentation time : 60 minutes or 150 minutes.

Colloquia deal in depth with a particular issue, and include four or five
 papers by presenters selected by the organizer of the colloquium.  They
should allow for an introduction and summary of each presentation as well
 as for discussion from the audience.
Presentation time : 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Visit our website :  www.carleton.ca/slals/trends_tendances98/

-------------------------------- Message 3 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 12 Nov 1997 14:19:34 -0800 (PST)
From:  "P. Dale" <pdale at u.washington.edu>
Subject:  Child Language Congress--1999

* * Please mark your calendars for this Congress * *


12-16 July 1999			
University of the Basque Country		
San Sebastian - Donostia
Basque Country - Spain

Local Committee:
Itziar Idiazabal, Jasone Cenoz, Marma Josi Ezeizabarrena, Margareta
Almgren (University of the Basque Country); Andoni Barreqa (University of
E-mail: fvcongre at vh.ehu.es

Abstracts must be received by June 1, 1998.

Current and recent members of the International Association for the Study
of Child Language (IASCL) should have received the First Announcement of
this Congress. For information about the Congress, including directions
for submission of abstracts, please visit the Congress website at
or email the organizers at fvcongre at vh.ehu.es

Submission of abstracts is open to all interested persons. However,
presentation at the congress is limited to IASCL members. For information
about the IASCL, including membership information, please visit the IASCL
website at
or email Annick De Houwer, IASCL Treasurer, at vhouwer at uia.ua.ac.be

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