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Subject: 9.1113, TOC: Glot International 3-4

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Date:  Wed, 05 Aug 1998 11:23:01 +0200
From:  Rint Sybesma <rint at hagpub.com>
Subject:  Glot International 3-4

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Date:  Wed, 05 Aug 1998 11:23:01 +0200
From:  Rint Sybesma <rint at hagpub.com>
Subject:  Glot International 3-4

Table of Contents

Glot International 3-4

Editors: Lisa L.S. Cheng and Rint Sybesma
<mail to: glot at rullet.leidenuniv.nl>
<http:// www.hag.nl/glot.htm>


Henriette de Swart on "Three approaches to Discourse and Donkey

"Once we agree that we need to talk about meaning beyond the sentence
level, the question arises how we can build a semantic theory that
takes discourse as the basic unit of interpretation."

Elan Dresher on "Communicating modality"

"Let's hope that quantificational modality does not go the way of cold

"The syntax of complementisers"
by Anna Roussou (London, 1994)
Reviewed by George Tsoulas. With a summary by the author

"Syntactic dependencies in Mandarin Chinese"
by Ning Zhang (Toronto, 1997)
Reviewed by Jo-wang Lin. With a summary by the author

"Is this the solution or is the solution this?"
by Caroline Heycock
Review of "The raising of predicates" by Andrea Moro (CUP, 1997)

"A standard in the making"
by Murat Kural

Review of "Principles and Parameters: An introduction to syntactic
theory" by Peter Culicover (OUP, 1997)

Book notices

Goodies: reviewing software and hardware:
"Speak audiovisually"
by Stefan Frisch
Review of "Speech Lab/Sprachlabor" by Ingolf Franke (Media Enterprise,

Conference reports:
West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics XVII
Report by Chung-hye Han
Workshop on Government Phonology in Novi Sad
Report by Tobias Scheer

"The number of death"
A Linguistic Mystery in Eight Installments
by Chris Sidney Tappan
Chapter 3. First explorations

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