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Subject: 9.1172, Calls: MT Summit'99, ECAI-98

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Date:  Thu, 20 Aug 1998 14:58:17 +0900
From:  <aamt0001 at infotokyo.or.jp>
Subject:  MT Summit '99 CFP

Date:  Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:09:36 +0100
From:  ecai98 at cogs.susx.ac.uk

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Thu, 20 Aug 1998 14:58:17 +0900
From:  <aamt0001 at infotokyo.or.jp>
Subject:  MT Summit '99 CFP

                  September 13-17, 1999, Singapore
                          CALL FOR PAPERS

The seventh Machine Translation Summit, organized by the Asia-Pacific
Association for Machine Translation (AAMT), will be held at Kent Ridge
Digital Labs on the campus of National University of Singapore from 13
to 17 September 1999.  MT Summit VII, which is the last conference of
the 20th century in the premier series of conferences on machine
translation, will provide a forum for discussing the prospect of MT
and related areas in the coming century.  MT Summit VII will feature
an expanded program including research papers, reports on users'
experiences, discussions of policy issues, invited talks, panels,
exhibitions, tutorials, and workshops.  AAMT invites all who are
interested in any aspect of machine translation - researchers,
developers, providers, users, and watchers - to participate in the
conference.  Conference Schedule:
  13 September 1999         Tutorials
  14-16 September 1999      Papers, panels and exhibitions
  17 September 1999         Workshops

MT Summit VII seeks original papers in all aspects of machine
translation.  Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

- Methodologies for MT (rule-based, knowledge-based, analogy-based,
statistics-based, etc.)
- Practical MT systems (MT for professional translation, MT for the
 Internet, MT for localization, etc.)
- Translation aids (translation memory, terminology databases, etc.)
- Speech and dialogue translation
- Natural language analysis and generation techniques
- Dictionaries and lexicons for MT systems
- Text corpora for MT and knowledge extraction from corpora
- Human factors in MT and user interfaces
- Evaluation techniques
- Standards in text and lexicon encoding for MT
- Cross-lingual information retrieval
- MT and related technologies (information retrieval, text
   categorization, text summarization, information extraction, etc.)
There will be three categories of papers:

(1) Research papers: Submissions are invited for reports of
significant research results in any aspect of machine translation and
related areas.  Such reports should include a substantial evaluative
component.  Papers should be in English, not longer than 5,000 words.

(2) System presentations with demos: Submissions are invited for
reports on the design, implementation, operation and evaluation of
operational and prototype systems.  Reports should be in English, not
longer than 2,000 words.

(3) User studies: Submissions are invited for reports on users'
experiences with applying MT to some task, evaluation of MT systems,
analysis of MT markets, etc.  Reports should be in English, not longer
than 5,000 words.

All types of papers should be submitted to the address below and must
be received by the indicated date.  Papers should include a cover page
with the following information:
- paper title,
- author(s)' name(s), affiliation(s), address(es), and e-mail
- 200 word abstract,
- for research papers: up to 5 keywords,
- for system presentations with demos: the word "System presentation
with demo", and the hardware, software and network requirement for the
- for user studies: the word "User study".
Please mail 4 hardcopies of the paper to:
  MT Summit VII
  Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT)
  3F, Shiba-Koen Sanada Bldg.
  3-5-12 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
In addition, please submit an ASCII version of the cover page
electronically to:
  aamt0001 at infotokyo.or.jp
Important Dates:
  15 April 1999      Paper submission deadline
  30 May 1999        Notifications
  15 July 1999       Final camera-ready copy deadline
                          Call for Exhibits

In addition to the scheduled system presentations with demos, vendor
booths will showcase commercial products ongoing basis throughout the
conference.  Exhibits will not be restricted to machine translation
systems but include a variety of NLP applications.  If you would like
to exhibit, please contact the Local Organizing Secretary (e-mail:
vicky at krdl.org.sg) by April 15, 1999.

     Call for Panel / Special Session / Invited Speaker Proposals
Submissions are invited for panel sessions dealing with significant,
controversial and timely issues in machine translation.  Proposals
should include the description of the topic, and preferably the names
and affiliations of panelists who could represent diverse positions or
approach to the topic.  Proposals for special sessions and invited
speakers are also welcome. These proposals should be sent to the
Program Chair (e-mail: MT-SUMMIT-99-Sessions at mlist.ccm.cl.nec.co.jp)
by November 30, 1998.

                   Call for Tutorial Proposals

Proposals are solicited for tutorials on both technological and
practical issues in machine translation.  Submissions should be made
to the Local Organizing Chair (e-mail: hweeboon at krdl.org.sg) by
November 30, 1998.  They should include (1) the length of the tutorial
(either a half day or full day); (2) an outline of the tutorial; (3)
the intended audience (introductory, intermediate, advanced); (4)
complete contact information for the contact person; and (5) brief
biographies of the presenters.

                   Call for Workshop Proposals

Proposals are solicited for one-day workshops which bring together a
relatively small group of people involved in a specific problem area
of machine translation, to advance the state of the art in that area.
Submissions should be made to the Program Vice Chair (e-mail:
tonglc at krdl.org.sg) by November 30, 1998.  They should include the
theme and goal of the workshop, the planned activities, and a list of
potential participants.
                         About Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant, sophisticated city state of 3 million people
offering the best of modern facilities and comforts while retaining
her heritage and culture.  A progressive, cosmopolitan city, Singapore
has the world's best airport - Changi International Airport - and lies
at the crossroads of Asia.  Known for her food and shopping, Singapore
is a thriving nucleus for tourism, trade and finance.  The climate in
Singapore is tropical all year round with high humidity and
temperatures varying between 23 degrees Celsius (74 F) in the evening
to 32 degrees Celsius (90 F) during the day.  Showers are sporadic and
heavy but also brief and refreshing.  Light summer clothing may be
worn throughout the day.

                         About the Venue

Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL) is a national applied research &
development organization established in January 1998 through the
merger of former national IT institutes - the Information Technology
Institute (ITI) and the Institute of Systems Science (ISS).  With a
diverse team of more than 400 research scientists, KRDL's aim is to be
the premier research and development organization in Asia-Pacific for
information and networking technologies.
                      Conference Organization
General Chair:
    Hozumi Tanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Local Organizing Committee
    Hwee Boon Low, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore
    Victorine Chen-Toh, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore
Program Committee
    Jun-ichi Tsujii, University of Tokyo, Japan and UMIST, UK
  Vice Chair:
    Loong Cheong Tong, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore
    Virginia Cha, Star+Globe Technologies, Singapore
    Jason S. Chang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
    ZhaoXiong Chen, Kezhi Co., China
    Key-Sun Choi, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and
	Technology, Korea
    Robert Dale, Macquarie University, Australia
    Zhendong Dong, Chinese Information Processing Society, China
    Dominique Estival, University of Melbourne, Australia
    Changning Huang, Tsinghua University, China
    Hitoshi Iida, ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research
      Laboratories, Japan
    Etsuo Ito, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
    Hiroyuki Kaji, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
    Shin-ichiro Kamei, NEC Corporation, Japan
    Asanee Kawtrakul, Kasetsart University, Thailand
    Kunio Matsui, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Japan
    Se Young Park, Electronics and Telecommunications
	Research Institute, Korea
    Wanchai Rivepiboon, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
    Trihono Sastrohartono, Agency for the Assessment and
	Application of Technology, Indonesia
    Youlwon Seong, Language and Computer, Ltd., Korea
    Keh-Yih Su, Behavior Design Corporation, Taiwan
    Chew Lim Tan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Benjamin K. Tsou, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Yusoff Zaharin, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  International Advisors:
    Laurie Gerber, SYSTRAN Software, Inc., USA
    Eduard Hovy, USC Information Sciences Institute, USA
    John Hutchins, University of East Anglia, UK
    Antonio Sanfillipo, LINGLINK, Luxembourg
Further Information

For more details, please call Vicky at (65) 874 2003 or fax (65) 776
8109.  You may also visit the Web-site: http://www.krdl.org.sg


-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:09:36 +0100
From:  ecai98 at cogs.susx.ac.uk

                 AUGUST 23-28 1998  BRIGHTON UK   (   `-'

    ECAI-98: the 13th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
                      FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

ECAI-98 takes place NEXT WEEK! Over 500 delegates will be
participating in tutorials, workshops, the main conference and the
social programmes. Further on-site registrations are very welcome too.
Register on Sunday between 15.00 and 18.00 to avoid the rush on MOnday

Full details of the conference as well as USEFUL INFORMATION FOR
REGISTERED DELEGATES can be found on the website.


ECAI-98 Secretariat                          Tel: +44(0)1273 678448
Centre for Advanced Software Applications    Fax: +44(0)1273 671320
University of Sussex                   Email: ecai98 at cogs.susx.ac.uk
Brighton, BN1 9QH, UK              http://www.cogs.susx.ac.uk/ecai98

ECAI-98 is organised by the European Coordinating Committee for
Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Universities of
Brighton and Sussex on behalf of AISB.  -

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