20.2658, FYI: Call for Proposals: The Language of Popularization

Sat Aug 1 18:15:06 UTC 2009

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Subject: 20.2658, FYI: Call for Proposals: The Language of Popularization

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Date: 30-Jul-2009
From: Giuditta Caliendo < giuditta.caliendo at unina.it >
Subject: Call for Proposals: The Language of Popularization

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2009 14:12:58
From: Giuditta Caliendo [giuditta.caliendo at unina.it]
Subject: Call for Proposals: The Language of Popularization

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Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II," Dipartimento di Filologia
Moderna "S. Battaglia" 

Proposed title of the book: "The Language of Popularization:  Theoretical
and Descriptive Models"

Call for Publication Proposals

Project background:  Internal research activities at the Department of
Modern Philology of the University of Naples "Federico II"

Editors:  Giuditta Caliendo (Research Fellow in English Language Studies at
the University of Naples "Federico II") and Giancarmine Bongo (Research
Fellow in German Language Studies at the University of Naples "Federico II").
Publishing house:  The volume will be published by a major publishing house.
Languages of the publication: English and German

Popularization is closely connected to the domain of specialized discourse:
 the increase in technical knowledge and literature unavoidably leads to a
growing need for information and dissemination among non-insiders. 

>From a linguistic perspective, the language of popularization still lacks a
theoretical framework within the international research community. Despite
an ever increasing interest in the genre, its definition is still far from
being codified and tends to be related to the mere communicative contexts
in which popularization occurs. Although its aims are widely recognized
(facilitating linguistic access to technical contents, e.g. scientific,
institutional and legal), many questions are still left unanswered:  what
is the role played by the language in the discourse of popularization? How
can an appropriate definition be outlined? 

In line with the aims of the project, "The Language of Popularization: 
Theoretical and Descriptive Models", we welcome proposals from scholars in
various fields of linguistics (Genre, Discourse, LSP, Translation studies)
on the following aspects:

1.) Investigating popularization as a genre, with particular reference to
the field of English and German studies;
2.) Providing theoretical and descriptive models with reference to the most
recent research contributions on the language of popularization;
3.) Exploring the existing theoretical and descriptive models as potential
resources in outlining the relations/divergences emerging between the
language of popularization and LSPs;
4.) Identifying distinctive traits in German and English popularizing texts
(adopting, where possible, a contrastive approach vis-à-vis Italian).

Submission of contributions:
Contributions (50,000 characters, including references) should be sent in
electronic form as a Word document and include: 
- Name of the author(s), affiliation and contacts;
- Title of the paper;
- Abstract (maximum 400 words);
- Keywords (3 to 5).

Proposals should be sent to both the following e-mail addresses:
giancarmine.bongo at unina.it,  giuditta.caliendo at unina.it. Please, quote "The
Language of Popularization 2009" as the subject of your e-mail message.

- 15 November 2009: Submitting contribution 
- 20 January 2010: Communication of acceptance 
- 20 April 2010: Final deadline for revisions
- September - October 2010: Expected date for publication 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                     Discourse Analysis
                     General Linguistics
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics


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