26.1768, FYI: Call for Book Chapters: Teaching and Learning for Glocal Interaction

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Subject: 26.1768, FYI: Call for Book Chapters: Teaching and Learning for Glocal Interaction

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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2015 10:05:40
From: Ali Fuad Selvi [selvi at metu.edu.tr]
Subject: Call for Book Chapters: Teaching and Learning for Glocal Interaction

 Dear Colleagues, 

We are writing to invite you to contribute a book chapter to our edited volume entitled “Teaching and Learning for Glocal Interaction: Conceptual Shifts and Contextualized Practices.”  Our proposed book seeks to challenge the conceptual equation of ‘English Language Teaching’ with ‘preparation for glocal interaction,’ in light of the
complexity of translinguistic and transcultural negotiations of meaning in contexts around the world. This book will, as a result, explore education for glocal interaction, beyond the confines of English education.

At present, we are soliciting two types of contributions:

- inquiry problematizing and approaching contextual equations of ELT with “preparation for glocal interaction,” for reasons concomitantly critical and practical
- practice-centered accounts, from contexts around the globe, of the negotiation and implementation of contextualized education for glocal interaction

The deadline for abstract submissions is May 1, 2015. 

For further details, we invite you to visit the following website: https://glocalinteractioncfs.wordpress.com/

Best wishes,
Ali Fuad Selvi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program
Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus
selvi at metu.edu.tr

Nathanael Rudolph, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Mukogawa Women’s University
Nishinomiya, Japan
najoru13 at mukogawa-u.ac.jp
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

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