Importing ELAN files into Shoebox when they were not Shoebox to start with

Linguist Linguist at NOONGAR.ORG.AU
Thu Aug 11 03:17:45 UTC 2005

my name is Rachel Cross, I'm working with Barbara Jones at the South
West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council in Perth. 
We have been transcribing Noongar recordings in Transcriber.  Would like
to use ELAN, but have read in ELAN's manual it is not possible to export
ELAN files directly into Shoebox.
I heard/read somewhere the best way to get around this is to convert
your ELAN files into Transcriber , then you can go from Transcriber to
Shoebox with Econv.
Would anyone be able to confirm this, and if possible, add any tips for
things to watch out for when structuring your ELAN templates etc to make
the conversions easier?
Cheers, have a good day everyone (beautiful weather here):
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