Importing ELAN files into Shoebox when they were not Shoebox to start with

David Nash David.Nash at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Aug 11 15:53:35 UTC 2005

   We have been transcribing Noongar recordings in Transcriber.  Would like
   to use ELAN, but have read in ELAN's manual it is not possible to export
   ELAN files directly into Shoebox.

Which manual version are you relying on?  Admittedly, even the latest
manual version isn't quite up with the current ELAN version (2.4.2).
in any case, ELAN *does* have Shoebox export.  (There are a few tricks
to it, but help is available with -- through RNLD naturally!)

Econv's functions have been incorporated in ELAN since version 2.4

I would add that if you are happily transcribing in Transcriber, you
may as well continue.  Unless you are doing complex annotation, I'd
say ELAN wouldn't be an advatage for you at this stage.


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