Question on opening an audio file in transcriber

Nicholas Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Wed Aug 2 20:24:56 UTC 2006

Dear Sun,

I think you need to have a .wav file for Transcriber to read 
properly, and it seems you have a Windows Media Player file. It 
should be a .wav file of 44khz and 16bits. Can you get this format 
from your recorder? What kind of recorder is it?


At 6:42 AM -0700 2/8/06, Sun H Park wrote:
>Can you, anybody help me out to open a file in the Tranber program?
>I am the beginner user of the Transcriber. ^^
>I got a audio file which has saved by digital recorder.
>When I tried to open it in the transcriber it had only unbearable 
>noise, but it is played in the window media file or winamp player.
>Is there any way for me transfer this file into usable one in the transcriber?
>Thank you in advance.
>Sun Hee

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