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Terry J. Klokeid klokeid at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Sat Dec 1 17:59:02 UTC 2007

I am looking for portable storage for voice recordings.

Our project has just purchased some Zoom H2 Handy Recorders to make  
voice recordings, mainly in field conditions, not studio conditions.  
Our tests of a unit before purchase indicated that H2 recordings are  
of suitable quality. The portability and ability to record without an  
AC power source and without a computer will suit our conditions.

The H2 records onto SD cards. Our ultimate aim is to put selections  
onto CDs and MP3 players for distribution. To accomplish this, the  
recordings will be passed around to several computer setups. (We use  
a variety of computers. The one I use most is a G4 Powerbook, OS  
10.4.11, but the project membership uses both Macintosh and Windows  
machines of varying vintage.)

  What is the best way to store the voice recordings long-term? I  
have thought of the iPod, because: 1. it has ample capacity, I think  
180 gigs, 2. it is portable and runs on battery power, 3. the  
recordings can be played back without the presence of the H2 or a  
computer, for example taking it to someone's living room for review,  
or playing back on the beach (for place names and such).

Or is the iPod not feasible?

I am still unfamiliar with formats for digital storage, so there are  
undoubtedly issues I am unaware of.

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