Margaret Carew margaret.carew at BATCHELOR.EDU.AU
Tue Mar 31 04:24:30 UTC 2009

Hi there

I've just made the transition from PC to Mac, all ok, except I can't get
transcriber to work. I have it loaded and it runs, I see a wave form but get
no audio. I'm trying this on a 6 month old Macbook Pro, running OSX and
transcriber 1.4.5 - this is the only download that works.

I've read through the rnld archive on transcriber questions, somewhere Nick
mentioned that transcriber's on its way out. Is this right? Should I invest
time in getting it working, or switch to another eg. Elan. Some issues with
this latter option are that I have transcriber files that I need to continue
working on. I also like transcriber as it's basic and easy, elan is more
challenging, especially when I need to use it with students.

Another option might be for me to use it in the virtual PC environment
enabled by fusion, which I have installed. Has anyone tried this?


Margaret Carew
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Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
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