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Hi Margeret, 

I have had similar problems ever since I bought a Mac two years ago at the start of my PhD documenting an endangered language of Cameroon. I briefly looked at transcriber recently, but didn't have the time to look into it too carefully. I have also played with ELAN, but unfortunately you will likely get similar problems as with transcriber. I use a keyboard program to be able to type easily in IPA unicode, but the key seuqences I need to write my IPA doubles up as ELAN commands so that each time I try to type /ŋ/ it causes the whole program to shake. However if you are not using IPA this may not affect you and otherwise I think ELAN is worthwhile.

Another question you posed was about virtual PC environments or emulators. I have been using Crossover (a PC emulator) so that I can run SILʼs toolbox although I havenʼt tried the emulator with transcriber or ELAN. I have found Crossover works pretty well, but if you try running too many programs at the same time on your computer, the program you are running on crossover wil tend to crash regularly. Luckily this doesnʼt necessarily mean lost data, but it is annonying.

Hope this helps, 

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> Hi there
> I've just made the transition from PC to Mac, all ok, except I 
> can't get
> transcriber to work. I have it loaded and it runs, I see a wave 
> form but get
> no audio. I'm trying this on a 6 month old Macbook Pro, running 
> OSX and
> transcriber 1.4.5 - this is the only download that works.
> I've read through the rnld archive on transcriber questions, 
> somewhere Nick
> mentioned that transcriber's on its way out. Is this right? 
> Should I invest
> time in getting it working, or switch to another eg. Elan. Some 
> issues with
> this latter option are that I have transcriber files that I need 
> to continue
> working on. I also like transcriber as it's basic and easy, elan 
> is more
> challenging, especially when I need to use it with students.
> Another option might be for me to use it in the virtual PC environment
> enabled by fusion, which I have installed. Has anyone tried this?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Margaret Carew
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