Toolbox on Mac

Mark Post at JCU.EDU.AU
Tue May 18 06:24:53 UTC 2010

Hi Felicity et al.,

Many thanks for all these great responses!

Further to Felicity's point here, does anyone know whether it would be 
feasible to just go ahead and open the Toolbox .db file (created on a 
Mac) in a PC running Lexique Pro? Since most people seem to only use 
Lexique Pro for last-stage formatting, rather than data-input, it seems 
like this arrangement would work fine. Or are there some sort of 
compatibility problems with .db files created on a Mac being opened on a 
PC running Lexique Pro (or, for that matter, native-PC Toolbox)?

Thanks again,

Felicity Meakins wrote:
> I also use Toolbox on a Mac with Parallels. It is a bit slow and clunky but
> works fine. What doesn't work (and is frustrating) is Lexique Pro. It
> appears to work but I can never get a decently formatted file out of it.
> On 18/5/10 1:58 PM, "Aidan Wilson" <aidan.wilson at> wrote:
>> I have been using toolbox on Ubuntu with wine and it works fairly well -
>> some issues at times, but when talking about toolbox, it's difficult to
>> separate issues involving wine from those involving toolbox itself.
>> On a Mac, Joe Blythe shoehorned toolbox on his mac  using crossover, and
>> Jeremy Hammond used Parallels, each swears by his method. The difference
>> is that parallels is running a virtual machine (that integrates nicely
>> with the Mac OS), so you have to have a copy of Windows (but with an
>> institutional affiliation, you should be able to get it for free);
>> crossover is a windows emulator, but I find setting it up to be
>> prohibitively difficult.
>> I might also suggest using virtualbox, by sun microsystems. It's just a
>> virtual machine again, but it's free and open source, but doesn't quite
>> integrate with the host as much as Parallels does - I have had some
>> trouble defining shared folders, for instance, so I can't pass files from
>> the host to the virtual machine and vice versa. However I can map a
>> network drive, so you could potentially configure your mac to share itself
>> over the network, and then mount it in the virtual machine as a samba
>> drive... (I'm only considering this as an option now - never tried it, but
>> it could work - I may give it a go in my spare time today and report
>> back).

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