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Nick Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Tue May 25 05:27:32 UTC 2010

Hi Yvonne,

I have used LexiquePro to produce an html version of my Toolbox dictionary,
and to update it periodically. To get sound and images into the html version
I needed to include the references to these files in my Toolbox lexicon file
(something like this \pic NT5-003-A.jpg). For sounds, the output of a
Transcriber or Elan file will give timecodes, and I had a speaker read the
headwords for citation, using the lexicon as the script, and then
time-aligning the script to the media. The whole audio file can be used in a
streaming server, or you can segment the audio file into small files, each
named by the word they represent, by using Audacity's label function
(file>export multiple), with the labeled sections being imported directly
from Transcriber (limsi label format export).


On 25 May 2010 11:29:08 UTC+10, Yvonne Treis <Y.Treis at> wrote:

>  Hi all,
> I’d like to produce an online dictionary of an Ethiopian language.
> So far my steadily growing lexical data is in a Toolbox file. Which
> procedures/steps/software do you recommend to create an online dictionary
> (starting off from a Toolbox lexical database)? Ideally, the dictionary
> should be searchable via the documented language and via English, streamable
> sound files should be connected to the head words of each entry and the
> example sentences, and it should allow for the addition of pictures/photos
> to some lexical entries.
> Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share about the creation of
> online dictionaries? How did you proceed? Is it possible for a person with
> only modest technical skills to produce a usable and updatable online
> dictionary?
> Cheers,
> Yvonne Treis
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