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On 27 October 2010 20:19, Ken Manson <ken.grammar at> wrote:

> I like ODT format - even though I use Word 2007. (Have some macros I am in
> love with for aligning examples.) I have used ODT to pass on documents for
> editing which have Thai and Burmese (Unicode) fonts.

Burmese and other Myanmar script languages opens up a whole different
can or worms, and is even more probelmatic. When you say BUrmese
Unicode fonts are you talking about:

1) pseudo-Unicode solutions (like Zawgyi and Ayar fonts)
2) Unicode 4.1-5.0 version fonts
3) Unicode 5.1 versions ofnts (both UTN11 versions i and 2)
4) Unicode 5.2 version fonts (UTN11 v. 3)

I'd also be interested in non pseudo-Unicode text round trips for you.


> However, for archiving, pdf is "less" editable and preferable.

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