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Subject: Last chance for one-year language masters
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  Please forward to anyone who may be interested.
The University of Sydney provides a suite of block release courses that
train Indigenous Australian teachers to teach their own languages.
*Applications to commence study in 2013 close on 30 November 2012.*

 Further information and application forms are available at

Further information and *online applications* are available at

 In line with changes expected to the Australian Qualifications Framework
requiring professional development masters to be a minimum of 18 months
study, it is currently anticipated that *2013 will be the last time the
Master of Indigenous Languages Education is offered as a one-year degree*.

Please direct any enquiries to:

 John Hobson, (02) 9351 6994/ 1800 622 742,  <john.hobson at sydney.edu.au>
Susan Poetsch, (02) 9351 5202/  1800 622 742, <susan.poetsch at sydney.edu.au>
Sherrie Connors, (02) 9351 7008/ 1800 622 742, <
sherrie.connors at sydney.edu.au>

The Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Indigenous
Languages Education equip Indigenous educators with the knowledge and
skills necessary to implement the NSW Aboriginal Languages K-10 Syllabus
and syllabi from other states. They are the only graduate qualifications
offered in the field nationally.

 While these courses do not substitute for a standard teaching
qualification, they provide relevant training to allow practising teachers
and education officers to add Indigenous languages as a teaching subject.
The Master of Indigenous Languages Education is the only qualification
recognised by the NSW Department of Education & Communities for appointment
to a designated languages teacher position in NSW schools.

 Course content is arranged into linguistics, theory and practice strands
and is applicable to all Indigenous Australian languages. Students do not
need to be fluent in an Indigenous Australian language to enter the courses
and may undertake external study in one as part of the Graduate Diploma or

The courses are offered on a full-time basis by mixed-mode ('block
release') requiring attendance at three blocks each semester. All travel,
accommodation and meal costs are covered by the Commonwealth. Teaching
staff are drawn from within the University and Indigenous language programs
from across the country.

Entry to the Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Languages Education
requires that candidates have successfully completed two years towards a
teaching qualification, that is: a Diploma in Education (Aboriginal), or
equivalent. The Graduate Certificate is completed in one semester full-time
and consists of four units of study:

   - KCIL5610 Sounds & Writing in Indigenous Languages
   - KCIL5611 Words & Meanings in Indigenous Languages
   - KCIL5612 Sentences & Text in Indigenous Languages
   - KCIL5613 Theories & Methods in Language Learning

Students who complete the requirements for the Graduate Certificate may
extend their study and qualify for the Graduate Diploma of Indigenous
Languages Education by undertaking a further two units of study in the
second semester, chosen from the following:

    1. KCIL5622 Learning an Indigenous Language
      2. KCIL5623 Language Curriculum Development
      3. KCIL5624 Technology & Language Learning

Entry to the Master of Indigenous Languages Education requires that
candidates have completed either:

   - a four-year teaching qualification, that is: a Bachelor of Education,
   or a three year degree and a Diploma of Education, or
   - the Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Languages Education with an
   average mark of 70 per cent or higher.

To qualify for the award of the Master of Indigenous Languages Education
students must complete four units of study chosen from the following, in
addition to completing all four offered in the first semester:

    1. KCIL5620 Research Methods in Languages Education
      2. KCIL5621 Research Project in Languages Education (elective)
      3. KCIL5622 Learning an Indigenous Language (elective)
      4. KCIL5623 Language Curriculum Development
      5. KCIL5624 Technology & Language Learning

 In some cases it may be possible for candidates with similar but different
qualifications to be granted admission.


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