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Thanks Barry, this is a mammoth achievement. I'll look forward to making my way through this beautiful labyrinth
 Very best

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Hi all,

Here attached is my Pama-Nyungan list. David already has a recent copy of the file; the other two of you do not.

So, Peter and Lesley, there are three conditions:
Please do not circulate it further; and
Please note that is a working copy, as the filename states. I don't want to have variant copies in others' possession, so I ask you that if you feel something is wrong and you'd like to se it corrected, of if you would like something added, please send your comments on to me; and
Please consult me before citing.

The file has grown and changed since the 2004 publication, and of course it contains material that I ruled out in 2004 as not going back to proto-Pama-Nyungan. Some of those forms I now regard as clearly proto-Pama-Nyungan in age, and on the other hand there are numerous new doubtful new forms that I find intriguing for one reason or another. And there are some that I designated proto-Pama-Nyungan in age in 2004 that I now think are not: an example is the *kuc(y)arra ('two') etymon--and that reminds me, I am now working on the hypothesis that the lamino-alveopalatal stop and nasal (c and ñ) were not distinct from (th, nh) (the "Warburton Ranges pattern") in pPNy and am in the process of rethinking *c(y) as *ki, *yk and so on. I can't promise consistency in this regard, but I hope I've got it all cross-referenced.
   The "Appendix" (Command-Option-g) is a list of specifically southeast Cape York Peninsula forms that I made in aide of stuff I was writing on Yidiny and other languages of the region. In theory all that material is duplicated in the main list but I can't promise that.
   And, of course, there are numerous typos and other sloppy stuff.

Have fun with it,

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 8:09 PM Peter Austin <pa2 at soas.ac.uk<mailto:pa2 at soas.ac.uk>> wrote:
Not sure what you're looking for. Do you mean lexical items that have cognates in one or more PNY languages? Barry Alpher published an extensive list in Bowern and Koch 2004. For NSW lower level groupings see my paper on Proto-central NSW in 1997. There's also Terry Crowley's work on Nganyaywana.


On Thu, 31 Jan 2019, 00:47 Lesley Woods <lhwoods1 at bigpond.com<mailto:lhwoods1 at bigpond.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I had this query yesterday:

'Have you ever come across a list of cognates for Pama-Nyungan languages?'

I thought that there might be something for smaller groups of languages and in particular anything on NSW languages would be great.

Kind regards

Lesley Woods

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