[RNLD] Melbourne Linguistics in the Pub 20th February: The International Year of Indigenous Languages - making the most of the it

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Announcement: Melbourne Linguistics in the Pub: International Year of
Indigenous Languages - making the most of it

In case you didn't know it, 2019 is the United Nation's International Year
of Indigenous Languages. Besides giving us a good chance to capitalise
every first letter in a long string of words, what is the point of it?
Actually, it is a good time to raise awareness about Indigenous languages,
and advocate for greater government support for Indigenous languages. In
this session of Linguistics in the Pub, we'll share ideas about what kinds
of messages we want to get across to the media and the general public and
the best way to do this. And we'll also talk about how to avoid common
tropes that seem to be popular in the media such as the 'linguist as
saviour' and 'Indigenous languages are dead'.

Discussion led by: Ruth Singer (Australian National University)

*Date:*       Wednesday 20th Febrary
*Time: *      6:00 - 8:00 pm
*Venue: *    Function room
                Naughton's Hotel (NOTE: BACK TO OLD VENUE)
*Address:* 43 Royal Parade, Parkville
Dr Ruth Singer
Research Fellow, Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity Project

College of Asia and the Pacific

The Australian National University

Honorary Fellow, School of Languages and Linguistics, University of


Wellsprings project:
Research Unit for Indigenous Language (RUIL):
ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL):
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