Fw: Wolf's Friend

R. Rankin rankin at ku.edu
Wed Nov 17 14:40:45 UTC 2004

I received this question and thought I'd pass it along in case someone has
better insight than I do.  The second name does sort of "look" Algonquian, but
that's about all I can say.


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> There was a late 18th-c. Chickasaw headman who was called Wolf's Friend by
> the whites and he had two native names. One is Chickasaw --Ugulayacabe
> (Killer of Many Nations)--, but the other isn't: Mooleshawskek. This last
> doesn't seem to be Siouan, but on the off chance, do you see anything
> there? I've also asked a colleague here about the possibility of an
> Algonquian name. The sounds look OK for Algonquian but they are apparently
> meaningless.

> Thanks,

> John

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