Mahk Jchi Tutelo-Saponi Song?

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Mahk Jchi

Mahk jchi tahm
buooi yahmpi gidi
Mahk jchi taum
buooi kan spewa ebi
Mahk jchi tahm
buooi yahmpi gidi
Mahk jchi taum buooi kan spewa ebi

Mahmpi wah hoka yee monk
Tahond tani kiyee tiyee
Gee we-me eetiyee
Nanka yaht yamoonieah wajitse
Nanka yaht yamoonieah wajitse

Hey yah eh yah eh yah
Hey yah oh way-hee-tah-ah
Hey yah hey yah hey yah
Oh way-ee oh way-ee oh way-ee yah-ah
(Lyrics to Heart Beat Drum Song performed by Ulali
and appeared in Robbie Robertson's album "Robbie Robertson and the Red
Road Ensemble." It also appeared in the Music for the Native Americans, a
documentary done for PBS. If I'm not mistaken is was written either byLawrence A Dunmore or with
the help of...)
Here is the English translation as I have found it on-line:
A hundred years have passed
Yet I hear the distant beat of my father's drums.
I hear his drums throughout the land.
His beat I feel within my heart.
The drum shall beat
so my heart shall beat.
And I shall live a hundred thousand years.
I'd like to get an idea of the vocabulary here in this song
and see if we can find the corresponding vocabulary in Oliverio.

Scott P. Collins

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