transcribed ASL poetry

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Mon Jul 11 15:19:49 UTC 2005

Hello everyone:
before I go and possibly re-duplicate somebody else's work ... have any of
you ASL SignWriters transcribed poetry by Clayton Valli or Ella Mae Lenz?
Or other contemporary ASL poets? 
Do you know if they (or their publishers) will give permission to
transcribe & distribute from their published videos, or if such permission
is even necessary? I figure that one poem out of a whole collection should
be well within copyright fair-use guidelines. On the other hand, I have
already approached DawnSign Press about transcribing *one* story from the
Signing Naturally #2 video for the ASL Reader I'm making, and have been
turned down. (They've granted me permission to use the transcription in
class only, but not to distribute it beyond my own and my classmates'
use.) I'm also not sure if DawnSign realizes that this is still *in* ASL
and not the equivalent of glossing.
Kim from Boston

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